We are beyond excited you have considered Technical Aviation Services (TAS) as the aeronautics training center.

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FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course

Technical Aviation Services offers the following schedules

FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Reduced Hours Course

Many already experienced professionals that wish to

ETOPS / EDTO Training Course

As you may already be aware, all

Aircraft Dispatcher Requalification Course

As stated in FAR 121.400 (8) –

ADFP (Advanced Dispatch Flight Planning) Course

The purpose of this course is for

Flight Crew to Flight Dispatch Transition Course

The Flight Crew to Flight Dispatch Transition

EWINS (Enhanced Weather Information System)

This course is meant for professionals to

Human Factors

with focus on – Crew & Dispatch

Reduced Contingency (Inflight Re-dispatch) Course

This Reduced Contingency (Redispatch) Course, is directed

Airport, Runway and Ramp Procedures Safety Program

This program provides an excellent learning opportunity

Aviation English Course

Our Aviation English course offers 120 hours

IATA HAZMAT Certification Training Course

Mainly focused for air carriers and companies

Load Master Introduction Program

Non – Certificated In civil or military

Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Drone

Airspace Designation Weather minimums FAR Regulations Part